Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today's Question: Is NBC bringing the "Super" back to Super Bowl?

With an estimated 100 million people watching tonight's match up between the Steelers and the Cardinals, NBC is doing whatever they can to keep viewers all day long. The network is planning on 8 hours of pre-game coverage--a special edition of The Today Show, a Road to the Super Bowl special and then Pregame starts at 1pm! Eight hours is twice as long as the game itself, including the half-time show. Oh yeah, and I nearly forgot the super-sized episode of The Office which follows the game.

With that being said I got sucked in, I watched the segment where Meredith got dressed up as a Buccaneer and the one that included a chippy dialogue between the governors of Pennsylvania and Arizona.

And, of course, the highlight (sometimes) of the Super Bowl--the ads! At the asking price of $3 million dollars, the ad spots have sold out. Many experts will provide commentary on these ads before, during and after the game--and you can too through a Twitter survey. This might be the first year I watch the game with my laptop!

So, is "Super" back? Put the beer on ice and spice up the hot wings, let's get ready for this Super Sunday!

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