Friday, January 30, 2009

Today's Question: Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?

Well, if it did, then Mr. Whiskers has 9 lives. Curiosity is a driving motivation for nearly everything we do--what's more, the rise of social networks is helping us be more curious nearly every day.

Remember a time when we had brief and fleeting relationships with people? Maybe it was someone you met at a convention or on a family vacation; now we stay connected with these people through facebook, twitter, friendfeeder, myspace, linkedin etc. Why do we do that? Curiosity.

We now post photos of children, holiday parties, friends, relatives, random old school photos on our online pages. And we look at others' postings--even the "New Home" photos from the kid you sat next to in third grade. Why do we seek these people out? Curiosity.

We hate watching the news because it is filled with gloom and doom--recession, murders, fires, fraud, impeachment, etc. And we can now get it streamed to our laptops, sent to our mobile devices and emailed to our in boxes. Why do we keep watching 24/7? Curiosity.

This is an excitingly, curious time. Here, kitty, kitty!


  1. I'm curious as to where you found the picture of that cat -- that is one compelling feline expression.

    In my humble opinion, conversation and relationships are organic in nature. These social networking engines have just given us a new - and most importantly - convenient, way to give them sunlight and water. With the relatively new advent of providing access to these engines via mobile devices, the phenomenon was just given Miracle Gro. I'm really exhausting this analogy, but I think it's safe to say that our curiosity for finding and establishing new relationships through this technology driven network is only going to grow. Ok..I'm done.

  2. Well, I'm not a cat person, so it's not a personal pic. I like your growth analogy; I guess this is one footprint we don't mind increasing!