Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Question: Is Pitching New Business like a Snow Storm?

OK, it's obvious that snow is on my mind--we did receive a few inches in Central Ohio recently, but I started thinking--the process of pitching new business (whether you're at an agency or in a corporate setting) is similar to the strike of a snow storm...

We all wait in anticipation for the storm to start--meteorologists and local reporters diligently track the storm, trying to anticipate the storm's next move and getting viewers ready for the onslaught of snow, freezing rain and hail; in a new business relationship, we are excited for the opportunities that the new prospect will bring, the team anticipates the needs of the new client and prepares for the arrival date of the presentation.

The storm hits and it's often chaotic, typical, daily activities get suspended; getting ready for the initial meeting is always crazy--we stay at the office late, get little sleep and try not to put "normal" activities on hold, which inevitably happens.

The storm passes, some of us get the day off to drink hot chocolate in our PJs or make snow angels with kids; if we are successful in the new business pitch, we take a moment to enjoy the win--and then we do it all over again. I say, keep the snow storms coming!

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