Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Question: What if Hiring PR Professionals was Like the NFL Draft?

I'm about to propose a very unconventional hiring process for PR pros. What if we were able to hold an annual PR draft for entry level positions? Here's how it would work:

First, we'd get a media partner. This would be a great weekend event broadcast on PPRN (Professional Public Relations Network). The live draft would need to be held in a high traffic area--every PR pro loves New York--so we'd, of course, be in Times Square.

Next, we'd host a Scouting Combine about 1-2 months before graduation. The draftees would go through a series of skill tests--how fast can you write press release; how long can you stand on your feet during a special event; how well do respond in a crisis situation; and how well do you multitask.

After that step, agencies and companies would host in-person meetings with our top prospects. Graduates would visit offices, get a tour of the facility and meet a few key team members.

Finally, it's draft day. Agencies and companies from around the country would have the opportunity draft their top picks. Based on national rankings, these organizations would be put into the draft order. Like the NFL, the lower the ranking, the higher the pick. Of course, trades would be allowed...I'll give you that seasoned crisis communications professional for the second pick along with free media monitoring services for one month.

I'm sure this would break a number of HR rules, but it would be kind of fun. Oh yeah, did I mention that my agency is looking for a top graduate to fill a temporary summer position? Email me directly at kholloway@sbcadversing.com if you're interested.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today's Question: Are You a Facebook "Fan"atic?

With the new changes made to Facebook, have you noticed that you can become a fan of nearly everything from a local bakery to your favorite retailer? I personally have a tendency to become a fan of places, people and things that my friends have chosen to become fans of.

OK, I like pizza, but do I really need to be a fan of a local pizza place? I'm originally from North Dakota--yep, there's a fan page for that too! I feel that there is a responsibility with identifying myself as a fan. It's not like I paint my face red and white for a trip to Target, yet I will sign up on their fan page and comment about the Spring sandals I just found there. And I don't start a "Be Aggressive" cheer when I distribute a release through PitchEngine, but I will recommend their services to colleagues and Twitter followers. I suppose the real responsibility comes from wanting to associate myself with the various brands. These connections illustrate my interests and provide insight into my personality.

So, show your pride by becoming an online fanatic--and if you can't find the perfect fan page, you can always create a new one!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Question: Have You Ever Had "One of Those Days"?

All of us have had "one of those days". The day where you just should have stayed in bed; when nothing seems to go right; you can't clearly communicate your thoughts and you usually end up feeling unproductive.

I started doing some research on this phrase--what I found was pretty uneventful. I guess I was looking for an elaborate story to connect to the phrase or maybe trace it back to a famous author, philosopher or great communicator. Instead, I found this:
A day when everything goes wrong, as in The car wouldn't start, I lost my glasses it was one of those days. This expression was first recorded in 1936.

I couldn't even find satisfaction from the origin on the phrase...I guess the first person to utter these words was just having one of those days!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Question: Why is Optimism so Important?

Today Michael J. Fox was interviewed by Larry King. Fox talked about his new book Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. His strength and passion are evident even as his body shakes from Parkinson's Disease. Being an optimist is second nature to Fox--as it should be to all of us.

During challenging times, we need to remain upbeat and optimistic. The economy, job losses, and the tumbling stock market are more than enough for anyone to become pessimistic about the future.

Maybe we could take a lesson from Bhutan, a country in the Himalayas--the government measures gross natural happiness as well as GDP and embraces programs that help grow the happiness of the country! In addition, the other day I met a "Chief Optimism Officer" of an online marketing company--how can you not be happy with a title like that?

So next time, instead of shaking your head at the incurable optimist, take a second and smile.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's Question: Can We Function Without the Internet?

I just spent the past 7 hours without Internet access. Of course, I did have my Blackberry, but have you tried typing in a long email on a micro-keyboard? It's not fun. I've had emails that need to be responded to, emails to develop and Web sites to check--I feel like I've lost the past 7 hours of my life!

I wonder how much productivity decreases when connectivity is low or non-existent--or can productivity increase? Remember when we used to call people instead of texted them; or have an actually meeting with people instead of a Webcast to communicate with one another; or read a newspaper instead of skimming the online version.

I think the Internet has done a lot for us--it makes the world so much smaller because we can connect with others in the next room or across the ocean; we have news at our fingertips and we can easily access information on companies and brand 24/7!

Maybe the question isn't can we function without or do we really want to?