Monday, April 6, 2009

Today's Question: Can We Function Without the Internet?

I just spent the past 7 hours without Internet access. Of course, I did have my Blackberry, but have you tried typing in a long email on a micro-keyboard? It's not fun. I've had emails that need to be responded to, emails to develop and Web sites to check--I feel like I've lost the past 7 hours of my life!

I wonder how much productivity decreases when connectivity is low or non-existent--or can productivity increase? Remember when we used to call people instead of texted them; or have an actually meeting with people instead of a Webcast to communicate with one another; or read a newspaper instead of skimming the online version.

I think the Internet has done a lot for us--it makes the world so much smaller because we can connect with others in the next room or across the ocean; we have news at our fingertips and we can easily access information on companies and brand 24/7!

Maybe the question isn't can we function without or do we really want to?

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