Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today's Question: Are You a Facebook "Fan"atic?

With the new changes made to Facebook, have you noticed that you can become a fan of nearly everything from a local bakery to your favorite retailer? I personally have a tendency to become a fan of places, people and things that my friends have chosen to become fans of.

OK, I like pizza, but do I really need to be a fan of a local pizza place? I'm originally from North Dakota--yep, there's a fan page for that too! I feel that there is a responsibility with identifying myself as a fan. It's not like I paint my face red and white for a trip to Target, yet I will sign up on their fan page and comment about the Spring sandals I just found there. And I don't start a "Be Aggressive" cheer when I distribute a release through PitchEngine, but I will recommend their services to colleagues and Twitter followers. I suppose the real responsibility comes from wanting to associate myself with the various brands. These connections illustrate my interests and provide insight into my personality.

So, show your pride by becoming an online fanatic--and if you can't find the perfect fan page, you can always create a new one!

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