Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Question: Have You Ever Had "One of Those Days"?

All of us have had "one of those days". The day where you just should have stayed in bed; when nothing seems to go right; you can't clearly communicate your thoughts and you usually end up feeling unproductive.

I started doing some research on this phrase--what I found was pretty uneventful. I guess I was looking for an elaborate story to connect to the phrase or maybe trace it back to a famous author, philosopher or great communicator. Instead, I found this:
A day when everything goes wrong, as in The car wouldn't start, I lost my glasses it was one of those days. This expression was first recorded in 1936.

I couldn't even find satisfaction from the origin on the phrase...I guess the first person to utter these words was just having one of those days!


  1. "We have to find humor in the bottomless pits of unhappiness, lest we have nothing with which to climb out."

    Kinda queer, I know, but I always liked it. Just keep thinking - Michael J. Fox!

  2. Thanks--today is better already! It's not "one of those days."