Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Question: How Did You "View" the Presidential Address?

Whether it was on a major network, over a cable news station, online or even via facebook, chances are you "viewed" last night's Presidential Address. And if you didn't watch it, you will still be surrounded by the ongoing media coverage--in newspapers, on the radio, in conversations with friends and co-workers, via email, through status updates on social media sites--the list goes on and on.

When a major national event happens--we "view" it. Although the way we view these things has changed dramatically. Can we actually imagine gathering our families around a radio and listening to fireside chats? It sounds so archaic and time-consuming.

And now we do more than just watch or listen--we participate! We watch the Address on facebook while twittering about the President's comments; we text our friends while we listen to the Address on the TV; we attend virtual events to show our support for the President's message; we vote in online polls rating his performance--heck, some of us even blog about it!

So, it's time to stop viewing and start acting--you can try not to, but it's nearly impossible--and would we really want it any other way?

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