Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Question: What's so Great about Orange Fireworks?

In my opinion, absolutely nothing. Orange fireworks lack a certain creative element--come on, fire is already orange, so what do orange fireworks bring to the display?

Without your own creative element, you run the risk of not bringing much to your company or future company. Creativity is especially important in today's economic state. A little creativity can do anything, such as help your company save money through a recycling program; produce stronger communications results for your clients by reaching target audiences through social media; or develop your personal public relations plan by spending time exploring new opportunities and networking with new people.

Creativity can come from anyone--you don't have to have a "creative" job description to be creative. Your unique point of view can be creative. Think of your interests and inspirations and draw creativity from those things.

Just please, don't allow yourself be orange fireworks!

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