Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's Question: What is Your Facebook "Face"?

I'm not a self-proclaimed expert at anything, I am, however, a self-proclaimed student of everything. As I explore and practice in the social media world, I've been trying to figure out my face. How am I using the social media, what image am I portraying to others, am I doing it right?

I thought I would take a look at the "faces" of Facebook that I've noticed along the way.

1. The Therapy Seeker-This person provides status updates on everything--from break ups to break downs. You know the status "can't believe the day I'm having, and it started with my dog eating my plane ticket" or "Hope I make it through the day" or "I've been up for 68 hours straight." Sometimes, it slightly crosses the line of TMI.

2. The Self-Promoter-This person is using facebook to promote their cause, their views or their personal brand. The status updates read "Check out my blog to see what I think of the stimulus package" or "Come by my office and I'll give you 20% off of teeth whitening if you say, 'Super Duper Day'" or "It's tax time-let me help you."

3. The Incognito-Not much to say here--no updates, no photo, no online personality.

4. The Social Butterfly-This person floats from one social engagement to the next. Common updates "Heading out to the movies with my girls" or "Running to the gym" or "Doing lunch with my bff, movie with my mom and dinner with a new guy."

But, here's the beauty of social media and online interaction--you can start your day as a self-promoter and end as the social butterfly.

Right now, I'm a social promoter seeking to be incognito. What's your face?

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