Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Question: Can You Turn Lemons into Lemonade?

Yes, we can all turn lemons into lemonade--however, sometimes it takes some sugar to make it drinkable.

Last week, one of my clients had to deliver some bad news--a trade show was cut from the budget. While this is a setback for our media relationship development, we actually have another opportunity this year to engage media. When I reminded my contact of this he said that I can "turn lemons into lemonade." And I said, "Sometimes, we still need sugar."

Sugar to me is collaboration. The key ingredient to making any agency-client relationship work. Whether it's developing an annual plan, setting a project's scope of work, developing the measurement and goals, or just working together each day--collaboration is necessary. It also leads to long-term relationships.

So, set up the lemonade stand and let's get to work!

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  1. Hysterical - it's been interesting to see how the sponsors have reacted to this. What's even more interesting is to see how the public opinion curve changes more rapidly since the advent of social media -- I saw one commentator on a major news network say that the silver lining to this cloud for Phelps is that now people won't view him as a "dork." To me, that's even more interesting....