Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today's Question: Have You Heard of PitchEngine?

PitchEngine is quickly becoming a public relations pro's best friend. Many of us have been waiting on the sidelines trying to figure out when and where to introduce social media into our annual client campaigns...especially when they are more familiar with conservative outreach.

Well, now is the time to embrace the SMR (social media release) and pitchengine is a tool to help us do just that. Our traditional media outlets are dwindling. The Baltimore Examiner, Rocky Mountain News, O at Home, domino and other print publications have recently stopped publishing and additional layoffs are being made across both broadcast and print platforms.

Social media releases offer us a new frontier to explore. Not only can PR pros push the news, but we are giving both journalists and consumers the opportunity to react, support and act on the information we are providing to them!

If you're a PR pro, get to know PitchEngine and if you're a consumer (we all are) continue to share, comment, endorse and even criticize.

Our opinions matter now more than ever--and companies, representatives and brands are (or need to) start listening!

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