Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Question: Are We Really Communicating How We Feel Through Social Media?

Social media has given us a new forum for communicating our feelings and thoughts. When I first started out on facebook, I would carefully craft my message and consider who might be looking at my updates. Well, the other day, I realized that social media didn't effectively communicate how I felt and caused quite a stir among my family and friends.

Last week, I was having "one of those days." Instead of blowing up at anyone or even internalizing it--I posted on facebook: "Krista is thinking that if the world ended right now, I'd be OK with it." I wasn't depressed, just really frustrated. I thought I was being clever--anyone that knows me understands my sarcasm, right? I got caught up in the moment and posted without thinking--big mistake.

A few co-workers laughed about my post and agreed with of my friends emailed me to make sure I was OK...when I got home, my husband was upset. He got called by his family to make sure that everything was alright with us, with my health, with our dog, etc., etc.

Now, if I had "said" that statement to my husband, a family member or friend, there wouldn't have been a problem--but a status update without inflection, nonverbal cues and a laugh caused panic and concern.

I think I'll take a little more time with my updates in the future!


  1. Great blog, I wondered about that also,been through it to, some seem to learn ,but as for me I havent yet I'll keep on wrting .GREAT WRITING,

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am enjoying my experience with social media and, in particular, blogging, however, it will never replace personal interaction--I learned my lesson!