Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's Question: Why Should You Stop and Smell the Roses?

In the era of information overload, crazy work schedules and busy social calendars, it's easy to miss out on the little things in life--this hit close to home when I actually "emailed" my husband with my weekly schedule. The subject line stated: Monday night's the only night I have free--now granted, a few of my weeknight adventures would include my hubby in tow, but that's just because he's the type of guy that I can "drag" to my commitments. I realized that in my uber-busy schedule and my attempt to do everything, I was forgetting about making time for those I care we decided to take advantage of Monday night and have a nice dinner together. We had a lot of things to discuss that we have shelved over the past few months.

Dinner became a trip to Costco to pick up some items for one of my committee meetings and slices of pizza in the "food court". The funny thing is--we had a wonderful time. We talked, we laughed, we people watched and in the end, it didn't really matter that we weren't spending the time together over candlelight, but instead, we just needed to find the time to communicate one-on-one.

So, as I look at my busy schedule, maybe I'll pick up the phone and see how my husband's day is going instead of sending an email.

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