Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Question: Do You Pay it Forward?

We've all heard about the importance of treating others the way you want to be treated, what goes around comes around or the power of good karma. Last month SBC Advertising launched the Pay It 40Ward campaign in honor of the agency's 40th year in business. Each employee was challenged with doing 40 acts of random kindness in 40 days. When the program was first announced, I had my doubts--yes, I do a lot in the community and I tend to be a nice person, but did I want to publicize it?

Well, in order to support my company's celebration, I did start publicizing my acts of kindness...things that I would normally do, such as returning shopping carts to the designated areas or helping out a family member or friend. But in addition, I found additional things I could do in the community, like donating a pair of tickets to a local nonprofit event or taking the time to build a Habitat for Humanity House.

I'm not sure when or how I will obtain my reciprocal gift for doing this--maybe tomorrow I will play the lottery, or plan another activity with my Little from the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

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