Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's Question: Would Today's Woman Have the Patience for Mark Darcy's Dating Style (and Vice Versa)?

In the world of today's 24/7 news cycle and the ability to get information at the speed of your Internet connection, today's woman would NOT have the patience for the courtship speed and style of Mark Darcy. Although women (this one included) believe that Mark Darcy is the ultimate romantic, who's got time to get dressed up for parties and not even talk to the interested person until the second or third outing. And, isn't being a gainfully employed, book reading, family raising, dog and cat tending, etc. woman accomplished enough for Mr. Darcy...probably not since one still might lack drawing skills, singing ability and foreign language understanding. "Dos cervezas, por favor?" would probably not be looked upon in a favorable light.

Finally, if you got past all of that--what would the entire dating scene look like? Could Mr. Darcy stand for texting abbreviations or smiley faces? A Facebook public status update about a date would be a major faux pas! It is evident to me that the Lydia Bennett-George Wickham relationship would be much more understandable in today's world!

So, for now, Mr. Darcy, I will resign to the fact that you will remain in my literary library, but not in my very social world.


  1. that's an interesting question -- WOULD today's woman have the patience for mr. darcy's dating style? unfortunately yes, i do believe she would. you see, the "unattainable, emotionally distant male" remains as tempting as ever. even today.

  2. I guess women will always be interested in the one that's hard to get! Thanks for the comment!