Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today's Question: Do You Have a Personal Social Media Policy?

Even if your employer doesn't have a social media policy--it's important that you have a personal one. I'm not suggesting that you need to "hide" the person you truly are, but you might want to consider the things you are sharing with the Cyberuniverse. There are plenty of options for privacy blockers that you can use.

You can still participate in the local Sunggie Pub Crawl, just make sure that your photos are "untagged" or blocked from certain connections in your social network!
It's also important to set goals for why you are using social media--entertainment, professional, personal, etc. That way you can determine how you are using the media and decide on the best online persona for you--but don't try too hard. Just because you have a review coming up and your supervisor follows you on Twitter, you don't need to tweet that your work day finally ended at 9pm!
Just make sure that you are comfortable with your social media policy--remember, you might actually have the opportunity to meet or work with some of your friends and followers!

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  1. Wow, completely valid points that I think many people often forget. Even if your intension of social media is personal, you never know when it could turn professional and how you reveal yourself is viewed publically.