Friday, June 12, 2009

Today's Question: Do I Have Enough Blog Cred to Repost an Old Blog?

Well, I might not be established enough, but I'm going to do it anyways. I've been meeting a lot of "social media" posers lately. After being engulfed in the world of Social Media, I no longer feel like a poser. I have a decent understanding of how businesses can and should use social media, I'm expanding my personal brand via social media, and I'm able to measure these results for clients and put them in terms that make sense--drive Web site traffic, increase awareness and ultimately, have a positive result on sales.

Posers, beware! There's a new social media enthusiast around!

Original Post March 2009:
I think I might be. I've been trying this blog for about a month, I try to Tweet nearly every day, I update my Facebook status, I accept Linked In invitations, I watch videos on YouTube (and have even downloaded some), I subscribe to RSS feeds, I download widgets, the list goes on and on--but I still kind of feel like I'm faking my way through it.

I feel this way because every time I turn around there are new social media "experts", "mavens", and "gurus"--it's quite humbling to think that I just recently added my blog (with 18 admitted followers) to Technorati--I'm nowhere near this coveted, self-proclaimed expert status. Heck, at my first job we didn't have the Internet...I guess Al Gore hadn't gotten around to inventing it. I would have to go to the library to look up old newspaper articles.

Because this form of communication is changing all of the time, maybe we are all posers or experts. The ability to share and connect with others is available for nearly everyone.

For now, I'll continue to post, update, download, share, connect and communicate--just try and stop me!

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