Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Question: Should Your Social Media Personality Match Your Real Personality?

As of late I’ve had the opportunity to actually connect in the flesh with some of my social media friends. Most recently, I spent the afternoon with some fellow tweeps at the Cleveland Indians social media suite.

Prior to the game, the digital media coordinator sent all of the attendees our Twitter handles so that we could meet virtually. Twenty-four hours before the game we were tweeting back and forth, proclaiming our excitement for the next day to all of our followers and tagging each other in posts. Then, we met…and for the most part, we sat at a game in beautiful weather and tweeted back and forth TO EACH OTHER…so much for “social”.

Where were all of these interesting people that I met online? Did they stay at home watching the game in fear of the end of the world (the game was on Saturday, May 21, 2011)?

I was so excited for this game, I immediately started following everyone on Twitter, I made a special Twitter list so that I could see what each person was tweeting and I read all of their online profiles. When I entered the suite on Saturday, I shouted “What’s up, social media suite?” Instead of responses, I got weird looks.

All I can say is I am who I am…via social media or in social settings.

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